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Re: [IP] Re: Article in Philadelphia Inquirer (8/9)

Oh I know I know.  Do others remember a few years ago when Diabetes Forecast
had a timeline of the important mileposts for diabetes?  I expectantly
looked for the insulin pump milepost, wondering when thepump first appeared,
and knowing how a pump can change your life, and lo and behold, not an IP in
sight.  Even now, the magazine seems to mention pumps almost as an
afterthought.  Boggles this pumper's mind!

> I am reminded of a recent (extensive) article in
> Consumer Reports about living with diabetes. I was
> looking forward to reading about how I had made a wise
> decision to start pumping. Much discussion of meters,
> diet, etc., but like the article you cited, nary a
> mention of insulin pumps. Short of transplant, I can't
> think of anything more significant than going on the
> pump. Are we really that low on the radar screen? What's
> with these people?
> JP
> > > Hello, all -
> > >
> > > Although the information presented is basically accurate, I was
> > > somewhat puzzled that insulin pumps were not very highly touted as
> > > one of those "improved tools."
> > >
> > > I somehow felt cheated for all of us who have experienced
> > > dramatically improved control (or even somewhat improved control)
> > > while on the pump. What do the rest of you think?
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