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Re: [IP] remember when-colas

>there was some kind of
> cola I think it was a diet Pepsi product with lemon in it.

I think that was "Pepsi Light" ca. 1980. I drank it by the 8-pack and loved
it, but they discontinued it after a couple of years...but guess what...like
striped ties and Spiderman, it's baaaack! (as Pepsi Twist).

Speaking of sodas, I was on an American flight to WDC and all they had was
German pop (don't ask). The Diet Coke was "Coke Light" and, like Pepsi One,
was sweetened with Ace-K. Tasted better than DC! I have also noticed that
Coke now puts Ace-K in Diet Sprite and it tastes better. Why don't they put
it in all diet sodas?

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