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[IP] Glucowatch Biographer

> From: "maverickmom" <email @ redacted>
> The GlucoWatch is a trending device, to see the "big
> picture" of what your bgs are doing (trending up,
> trending down, or going all over the place). The
> patient information paper says (paraphrasing) not to
> rely solely on the GlucoWatch readings for treatment
> changes and that it is meant to be used in conjunction
> with the bg meter, not to replace the meter. The way it
> works (and I'm simplifying here) is that it takes a
> number of readings over a period of a few minutes, then
> averages those readings, so they won't always match.
> Again, the trends are what are important, not the
> actual numbers (at least that is what our endo has
> always said).
> Btw, the CGMS does the same thing, but via different
> technology.
> Arsen said:
> The readings it gives for me are way out of line with
> the numbers I get using GlucoMeter Elite BG meter... I
> am thinking of returning it back to Cygnus, Inc. within
> 30 days if it continues *not* to work for me.

I agree with Arsen. It was unreliable and did not track even close to bg's
obtained with a Fast Take. Even the direction my bgs were moving in were
wrong. I sent mine back about 2 weeks ago. spot
A. L. Bender, M. D.
email @ redacted
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