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Re: [IP] remember?

> I was lucky and diagnosed at age 14 (in 1976).  I had an orange in the
> hospital which I injected mercilessly with saline.  The orange went home
> with me and became sort of petrified.  My mother finally threw it away and
> was really heartbroken!  I also practiced on a brave nurse.  My mother
> she could NEVER have given me a shot and it's a good thing I was old
> to do it myself!  I still miss that orange sometimes.....<:~)

i'm loving all these injected citrus fruit stories. :)  i quite vividly
remember my first insulin injection that i took part in.  i went to the
diabetes clinic first thing in the morning - before breakfast of course -
and the nurse went over how to prepare the pen, all the usual stuff, then we
set up for the first dose, i pinched, got the needle to all of a centimetre
from my skin, and froze. didn't move a muscle.  couldn't, i don't think.
now, please note that i hadn't been all upset that morning, had slept ok,
but that first injection was suddenly physically impossible.  i told the
nurse that i couldn't seem to move my hand any further, and she asked if i
wanted help.  when i said yes, she just lightly pushed my hand so that the
needle went in.  once it was in, i was able to do the rest just fine.  the
nurse said that if i had any more problems injecting, to just come back in.
the next morning i woke up, tested, got the pen ready and stuck it in.
wasn't as hard as i thought it might be.
 i'm pretty glad that in my case they taught me the way they did, but then,
i'm 27, and i think it would have been a lot different had i been a lot
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