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Re: [IP] ER Mishaps

One time when I went to a major Denver-area hospital with dehydration from
persistent vomiting from gastric paresis.  A few hours earlier my sugar had
dropped below 40 and since I could not keep anything down, I injected some
glucagon, and rebounded to 300, I had large ketones from vomiting for 8+
hours and not taking in any calories.  After I explained this to the ER doc,
he said, "No, no, no....you're in DKA and your meter must be broken!  I've
never heard of this gastric thing you're talking about!"  My endo just
laughed when I told him about it and said at least the treatment for DKA
(fluids, IV nausea medicine and insulin for the rebound) was appropriate for
me, too, in this situation.

Another time, in another major hospital in Denver, a nurse tried to *force*
me to swallow a handful of various pills that I did not recognize.  He
insisted that these were my regular medications and ordered by my doc and
was very angry that I would not obey.  He came back a little later with my
correct medications and never said "sorry" or "thanks for keeping me from
killing you" or anything!  I should have reported it!!

What's the Latin term for "buyer beware"?


Penny wrote   > Hell!  I would be happy the the average emergency room
doctor goof would learn a little about diabetes!
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