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[IP] Re: remember? ('50s)

> > I feel the same way Jan..I think I was about 14 or so when my Mom let me
> > start giving myself shots.
> >
> > David
> They (the docs) must have changed their way of thinking on that
> I was dxed in the mid 70's.  They wouldn't even let me leave the hospital
> until I gave MYSELF a shot.  I was told that it was my responsibility and
> that I had to know how to take care of myself.
> SharonJ

I was never told I was responsible (1950) or that I would have this the rest
of my life. They did expect me to die. The doc said, "Many things will come
along in your lifetime to help diabetics, but nothing will ever help you."
That sure gave me a lot of hope. I was sure I'd be dead at the ripe old age
of - 35! ;)  When I was approached in early '80s about a pump, I told that
doc that it wouldn't help me! He said, "Yes, you are the type of person it's
for." BIG NEWS TO ME!!! Then I had to consider wearing that checkbook-size
thing! I did for 6 wks until the new *small* one came out - the size of a
king-size pack of cigarettes.

Someone else mentioned about camp - there was one near me but it cost $100 a
week. We couldn't afford it, however, I received $5 a wk. allowance. Would
have been nice if Mom would have tucked $2 a week away and we'd have had it,
but then, it would have helped me be independent and not rely on her and she
didn't want that. Therefore, I went 5 years before I saw another young DMer
(he 12 - me 16). Before that I thought I was the only one in the world, then
I knew there were two of us. BTW, he marks 50 years this fall and says I was
the first young DMer he ever met, too.

When Cyclamates came out, I bought one bottle of Like (like 7Up). The clerk
laughed and I told her I didn't want to waste my $$ if it didn't taste good.
It did - I liked Like. I liked Cyclamates - used the products for 16 years.
Saccharin is legal in the US but not Canada. Cylamates are legal in Canada,
but not the US. Go figure!

I often say DM isn't going to do me in, it's the stuff I've taken that has
been removed from the market due to dangers: DBI (16 yrs), Cyclamates (16
yrs), taken off of Dyazide for BP cuz it wasn't good for DMers' kidneys (15
years), and the list will grow, I'm sure. ;)

As far as getting more food when I was a kid, I gnawed the white pith out of
the orange rinds - in fact, still do! Mom followed my diet for about 3 weeks
after my 16-day hospital incarceration, then it was a nuisance.  YMMV (~_^)

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