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Re: [IP] Elevated microalbumin level

> My daughter, Laura is 12 and has been a diabetic for 5 years.  We
> found out today that her microalbumin level is elevated.  The test
> indicated that a reading up to 24 is considered normal but Laura's
> was 28.  They are having us redo the test just to rule out a false
> reading.   They spoke of starting the normal treatment which is ace
> inhibitors if we find out it truly is hig. I am curious if anyone
> knows if this is truly a high reading or if she is just barely above
> the level.  I honestly don't know my facts as I should.
> I appreciate any feedback on this as this scares me for her.
> Thank you!
> Sherri Lynn

According to Lily's nephrologist, normal is anything below 30, Lily 
spiked a 75 last year, but tested just about not measurable (below 
normal) when re-checked this year (July). The doc said 
that it is pretty easy to get a false positive for any number of 
reasons -- fever, working out, etc.... worriesome high readings are 
those in the hundreds or (hopefully not ever ... the thousands) 
although those just over the limit should not be taken lightly. Take 
her to see a peds nephrologist for a through check. The latest 
protocol calls for spot testing for 3 first morning collections. Many 
docs still use 24 hour collection. Apparently the new protocol is the 
same or better.

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