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[IP] Re: Dm in the 50's

> Fresca wasn't bad (I still often drink it-when I can find it).  You're
> right...Tab was awful. Back in the 50's (dx'd in 1957) the only thing we
> had to sweeten things like tea and cereal, was liquid saccrine (sp). Now
> that was really bad.

There are more and more of "us!" I remember (dx'd in '51), bottles of root
beer flavoring that I bought in the drug store that you mixed with
water--lovely sugar free drink.  And then there were those hard little
"dietetic" cookies....  I really don't remember feeling deprived a bit but
I'm sure that's because I was five and everything became what was "normal"
for me very fast. 

Hmm, I do remember my family trying to find out if we had a mouse in the
house because I put three fingers into a cake on the edge of the table to
have a small sample.  I can remember my father asking me very gently if I
had tried the cake and I said, "Noooooooo...." I believe he really did put
traps into the basement but I felt guilty for years. I just couldn't say,
"Yes."  Did I say I didn't feel deprived?  Well, maybe...

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