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Re: [IP] Tab

Andy J. admitted:  >I am ashamed to admit this,  but Tab mixed with Pure
Grain Alcohol was my first experience being drunk.  How could I ever forget
Tab after that night.<

Many years ago, I was going through a divorce and decided one night to just
get drunk.  Trying to be a "good" diabetic, I mixed rum with *diet* coke.  I
was so out of it that at 7am the next morning I almost woke up with a severe
hypo, but had a brain seizure and unconsciousness instead.  BLAH!   I was
expecting my endo to really chew me out, but instead he just told me to use
sugared coke the next time!  That was my very last episode of over-indulging
and now I don't even touch alcohol!    <:~)

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