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Re: [IP] Re: Article in Philadelphia Inquirer (8/9)

> I somehow felt cheated for all of us who have experienced dramatically
> improved control (or even somewhat improved control) while on the pump.
> What do the rest of you think?
> Barbara

I feel the same way when I hear how people that should be in the "know" keep
cheating us of fair treatment.  I feel that insulin pump therapy is the
greatest thing that has ever happened to me and I have read many others of
your notes stating the same.  I hate the fact that some people think that you
must be close to death before you would ever "need" an insulin pump.  I really
wish there was some way of mass educating people of actually how healthy we
are.  I honestly think that we are more healthy than the average person still
taking injections.  I just hate being shunned especially by the insurance
industry.  We have had discussions here about not feeling comfortable
informing employers of our diabetes.  There has also been discussion about
driver's licenses.  The list would go on and on.  I want people to find out I
am on an insulin pump and say "I am so glad you have opted for the best care
you can get."  I know it is probably crazy to think this would ever happen,
but I am tired of feeling like it is not okay to be a diabetic.  I know we all
want a cure.  That would be great, but diabetes is a treatable disease.
People with diabetes can live long, functional lives.  Don't get me wrong.
There are times, because of this disease, we may have to take out a little
extra time to take care of ourselves and we rightfully deserve it, but I also
deserve to drive a vehicle, get life insurance, have a job, and so on and so

Okay......I am sorry for venting.

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