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[IP] Jealous Pumper

I just want to share my experience about how I was
able to lower my insulin dose substantially.  This was
close to ten years ago, and my insulin needs have
stayed low ever since.  If this doesn't interest you,
I'll understand.  

I was already a pumper at the time.  I got my first
insulin pump in the 1980s.  I think it was 1987, but
not sure.  

When I decided to try a VERY low-fat, vegan diet, my
basal rate had to be cut in half within a couple of
days, and it has gone even lower since then.  (My
current basal rate is .1 per hour, except for during
the night when I raise it to .6 for a couple of

I bolus 1 unit for about 25 grams of carbs.  

I don't use any added fats in my diet.  I don't eat
any dairy products or any animal products (no beef,
pork, chicken, fish, or eggs).  I really do believe
this keeps me healthy.  I do not have any
complications after being type1 for 38 years.

Believe me, I am very thankful for my health.  I am
not saying that this diet alone has kept me from
getting complications, but since we are all at risk
for kidney disease, heart disease, blindness, etc., I
want to do all I can to make this body last as long as

This is just my two cents' worth...


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