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Re: [IP] DM in the 50's

At 12:19 PM 8/9/02, you wrote:
>For us old timers (dx in 1967), do you remember how nasty those Tab soft
>drinks tasted? Thank goodness for progress and Sugar free Dr Pepper!
>I too remember the Cyclamate ban.  My mother bought me about 5 display boxes
>of Carefree gum that at the end of about a year, they were tough to chew.
>Seems like for a while the only diet drinks were Fresca and Tab.

Fresca wasn't bad (I still often drink it-when I can find it).  You're 
right...Tab was awful. Back in the 50's (dx'd in 1957) the only thing we 
had to sweeten things like tea and cereal, was liquid saccrine (sp). Now 
that was really bad.

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