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[IP] Washington Post readers -- what was that?

OK, I couldn't call up the picture on the website, but in Thursday's metro 
section of the Washington Post, page B5, there is a picture with the caption 
"Instead of having to give herself shots every day, Dalyce Wilson, 10, has a 
pump that helps regulate her insulin levels.  Camp Glyndon gives young 
diabetics a chance to learn about their condition."  The girl is holding up 
her shirt and pushing an object against her skin just above and to the left 
of her navel, looking at it very intently.  The bottom and top of the object 
appear flat, the body is rounded, with about 2/3 dark and larger, the top 
third clear.  There appears to be tubing coming out of it, which hangs in 
front of her pants for the few inches below her beltline shown.  I haven't 
been able to figure out what this is, or what she could be doing, anyone 
know?  Are there any round pumps, and why would she be pressing an external 
pump against her abdomen (and why would an implanted pump - if they make them 
for 10-year-olds -have tubing on the outside piece.)  Is there something 
interesting being tested?

Linda Z 
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