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[IP] crock of ****


I am the last person in the world to recommend litigation, as I believe 
lawyers,law suits and all the crap associated with the "system" is what has 
caused MOST of the ills in this country, but NONETHELESS, I would tell you to 
speak to a lawyer!  I think THIS just might be the case the ADA needs to put 
diabetes back on the map of "acceptable" disabilities!!

You are being discriminated against based on CONJECTURE and popular 
assumption and theory....why not prevent you from coming in to DO YOUR JOB 
because your skin is not the proper color or you drive the wrong kind of car 
or your grandparents came from France or something EQUALLY ridiculous!?!?!?  
You took the RESPONSIBILITY to stay home to work with your sites (or whatever 
it is yo are doing), and they are shooting you in the back!  Why not give you 
CREDIT for staying home to do it rather than doing it at work, which is what 
I would have done...(I just can't stay home to adjust things...it all works 
GREAT when I am at home...it is when I am out in the world that problems rear 
their heads and I need to learn how to address them...but anyway...)

I sure as hell hope this is PAID time off and that my ire at your employer is 
misplaced...sure don't wanna have to read about YOUR lawsuit in a month or 
two, though I tell ya, I would support you full bore!

god people are STUPID....

present company excepted, of course

Sara Smarty Pants AZ
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