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[IP] re: remember?...

>Clinitest was
>all we had, and I remember Mom boiling the needles to
>sterilize.  Think I'll see if she has any of those
>stashed somewhere, maybe do a musuem at my school.
>Ah, memories...

I was diagnosed in 1970, and they were sure what I had was lukemia.  They
were relieved to find out it was 'just diabetes'.
I had thought about a little display on my wall with the syringes, and the
test tubes the urine specemine was added to to test for blood sugar.  We
don't have any of those tools left at all.  I do have the records so
meticulously kept by my mother.  I was three years old.
Oh, and how I laughed to read someone else say they licked the crumbs off the
plate too.  It was a big joke in the family.  Mother made crepes one time and
shaped one like a plate, and I got to eat it the plate.  ^&^
Thank you for writing about this.  It was tough at the time, but who would
have known we'd be where we are now with pumping and such.  I'm grateful I
have lived to be a part of this.

Lisa Ann
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