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Re: [IP] cnn quote

In a message dated 8/8/02 8:43:28 PM Pacific Daylight Time, email @ redacted 

> Third party responsibility is this country's answer for everything..YOur 
> children are failing out of school so it is the teacher's fault, your 
> commute 
> is 45 minutes so it is the highway department's fault, your dog gets run 
> over 
> adn it is the fence manufacturer's fault....baloney.....if anyone should be 
> "charged" in this ridiculous law suit filed by a grieving father, it should 
> be the cops who locked him up in the first place adn then didn't KEEP him 
> there til he sobered up!! Did they INSTRUCT the third party person NOT to 
> take him to his car?  Heck even old Andy Griffith let the drunk sleep it 
> off 
> in the cell!!!
> Now, if the guy who lived, who is being charged with this third party 
> liability had diabetes, and crashed on his way to dropping off the drunk at 
> his car, and had a blood sugar of 45 at the time of hte crash, then YES he 
> is 
> liable, as far as i am concerned.  If you can't accept the responsibility 
> of 
> diabetes and getting behind the wheel of a car, then perhaps you shouldn't 
> have the priviledge?
> WOuldn't it be a great world if we all CARED about each other and didn't 
> assume the worst right off?   ROTFLMAO - I can see that happening, oh, 
> NEVER.....
> ohhh am I on a soap box or what...

Hey SpAZz watch out you may want tort reform. I agree with you Roger C
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