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[IP] Finally pumping!

Hello Fellow Pumpers:

I can say that now because I finally started pumping this past Monday with
my new Paradigm (great tool and so easy to use). I spent the day with my
CDE, Deb Steen, (who, btw, is simply fantastic at what she does!) at Royal
Oak Beaumont here in Michigan. The day was filled with training information
regarding the pump, changing sets, etc., but was also filled with
information about DKA, carb counting, useful books and websites, what-if
scenarios, and so forth. 

It was a great day. I ate both breakfast and lunch in one of the cafeterias
at the hospital and we plotted out my BG readings throughout the day. I had
no idea there was so much math involved with good diabetes management.
Fortunately, all my charts were customized to me and pointed out in great
detail exactly what to do in terms of positive and negative correction based
on my pre- and post-meal readings, the amount of carbs I should eat for each
meal, bolus rates based on my I:CHO ratio, basal rates, and what to do at
both bedtime and middle of night if I should go low.

At this point I'm on just a single basal rate, but I know that that's going
to be changed to several when I meet again with my endo next Thursday. I've
had on-going daily phone contact with my CDE to report my numbers. I love
the old-style MiniMed daily BG journal with the graph just above the
numbers. Seeing that graphical representation of my readings really points
out where things need to be changed, massaged, adjusted, and so on.

I'm amazed at how much less insulin I'm using on the pump versus MDI.
Currently, I'm using about 25 units of Novolog per day; when I was on MDI, I
was using a total of 45 - 50 units of Lantus and Humalog. Amazing! 

I'm finding that I tend to spike pretty high after breakfast and that I tend
to crash way low after lunch. I'm not touching any numbers yet because my
doc wants to work out my basal rate and I:CHO ratio. But I can't wait to get
in there and start tweaking things myself. I'm eating the same number of
carbs from one day to the next based on the amount they have chosen for me
for each meal. This is also something I'm eager to change, though, because I
feel that I'm eating too much for breakfast (therefore, the spike) and that
my ratio is a bit off for lunch (the crash).

What I'm finding is that I continually need to remind myself that things
don't have to be perfect here at the outset. I see this first month of
pumping as nothing more than data collection, and once complete, I'll have
the tools and the data necessary to really fine-tune my DM management. Can
you tell I'm psyched?! 

I had good management on MDI (with my A1c usually running between 5.3 and
5.9). But that was with a lot of lows. Now, I'm hoping that I can have even
better management without the lows. For an analytical type like me, pumping
is definitely the way to go. And after spending two plus months of
exhaustive research into pumping and pumps, I'm glad to finally be on board.

Thanks for listening.

Keith G.
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