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Re: [IP] remember?

On 8/9/02 6:19 AM, "email @ redacted" <email @ redacted> wrote:

> In a message dated 8/8/02 9:43:25 PM Central Daylight Time,
> email @ redacted writes:
>> the needles got
>> dull often and I would bring them over to the hospital lab to be sharpened.
> I remember my Mom sharpening the needles for my brother's injections (dx'd
> 55)
> Beverly

I remember sharpening my 24 gaugers with a whet stone.  It makes me laugh
when some react in horror seeing those pictures from the B&D advertising
trying to keep Dmers from reusing needles.   I wonder what my needle would
have looked like under the microscope.   I remember one of the
qualifications I used to determine if it needed sharpening was if it "hung"
on coming back out.         ;>)

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