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[IP] re:cnn quote- case hits home

If you can't accept the responsibility of
> diabetes and getting behind the wheel of a car, then perhaps you shouldn't
> have the priviledge?

i really wish people were MORE responsible for their actions....if so, then
when help is offered, maybe people won't be so afraid of their help coming
back to bite them. here's what i mean...
the article you are all talking about is happening where i live, salem county,
new jersey. the jury was still deliberating yesterday. the court house is on
my drive to work and they've had to block off the road because of the huge
satellite dishes from cnn and every other network. i'm sure they will be out
in full force today.
the reason i'm writing is that this case is now affecting my own job! just
down the street would be salem and hope creek nuclear power plant, were both
my hubby and i work. i've been there 3 years, 2 with diabetes. i just
transfered into a new department about a month ago. i've been out 4 days
because i've been trying to find new rates with my sils :)
anyway, i got a call from my bosses yesterday *forbidding* me to come to work
until i'm "stable". they quoted that THEY may be held liable if they LET me
drive home when i'm "not feeling well". i told them i ALWAYS check before
getting into a car and never drive below 120 (to play it safe). they said my
thinking may be impared and i may not know that i shouldn't be driving-
therefore they would be liable if something happens. SAY WHAT??!! needless to
say, i told them that's a crock of **** and they referred to this drunk case
and their supposed liability. i have gone low ONCE at work in the two years
i've been diagnosed where i needed to be driven home and i knew the whole time
what was going on and called a friend.
my doc is now being nice enough to write them a long letter explaining the
difference between being drunk and a low blood sugar, and that until i die or
get a transplant i will never have numbers only 80-120. sigh....but i have at
least 2 more days off .....can you believe this? why don't they rub it in a
bit more that i'm different now and make me feel even worse?

and before you start wondering, where i work is "outside the fence" - meaning
i am nowhere near the plant or controls. i run the intranet and work on i.t.
projects (servers, programming, geek stuff, etc) for the site. the most i
could screw up is start programming gibberish.....

so this case, at least in my world, is already affecting me and my
diabetes.... anyone else?

leann marcucci
email @ redacted
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