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RE: [IP] Used strips in school (Re:back to school issues)

Barbara Petzoldt [mailto:email @ redacted] wrote:

> But Jim,  WHERE can I find this in print???????????????
> Prepping to deal with the "butthead nurse team" at our school next week.
> If it's not in writing they NEVER believe it.

If it's a matter of restriction, I think the burden to demonstrate biohazard
is on them.  If you read the package insert carefully regarding disposal of
the test strips, you'll find nothing that indicates that any special
handling is needed.  Take the package insert with you, and, if they give you
a hard time, just have them read it, pointing out that if special handling
were necessary, it would say so.  What you/they would be looking for is the
type of statement covering used needles, lancets, etc.  If they continue to
want to restrict, then ask them to document the need.

In the meantime, I'd pose the question to one of the manufacturers
(Lifescan, Bayer, etc.).

Jim Handsfield
email @ redacted

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