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[IP] GlucoWatch and Tricare

Since this has come up again, I figured I would give
you guys an update on the letter I sent a month ago to
the Medical Directors of both the Lead Agent (Madigan
Army Medical Center) and the Managed Care Support
Contractor (HealthNet Federal Services) for TRICARE
Region 11 (Pacific NW - WA, OR, & ID) asking that they
consider covering the cost of the GlucoWatch and
AutoSensors. I think I mentioned that I had done this
about a week or so ago.

Weeelll, while I was out today I got a voicemail from
the Medical Director of the Lead Agent/MAMC! First he
apologized that it took so long to respond and said he
didn't know why or how the letter had gotten hung up in
the system for so long. He said he is not only the
Medical Director but also the Diabetes Specialist? in
that office and as such, is *very* familiar with the
GlucoWatch. Unfortunately, he said *he* doesn't have
the power to authorize these things *however*, the
other Medical Director that I had copied the letter to
*does*. He said to have our endo write a consult/letter
of medical necessity justifying the need for one (and
boy, right now, there are lots of reasons why it would
be justified) and that the Medical Director of the
Managed Care Support Contractor/HealthNet Federal
Services is pretty good about authorizing these things.
So, that's where it stands now. Our endo is out of the
office until the 12th so nothing can be done with this
until then, but I'll let you guys know what happens

I'm a little excited by this but I *know* better than
to get *too* excited about it just yet. It really could
go either way at this point. Now I'm glad I wrote the
letter after all (even if things don't ultimately go in
our favor - at least I know I was heard). A few days
ago I was beginning to question why I had bothered
doing it and if it hadn't just been a huge waste of

Kerri, mom of Shannon - almost 12, email @ redacted, email @ redacted
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