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Re: [IP] DM in the 50's


I too remember the Cyclamate ban.  My mother bought me about 5 display boxes 
of Carefree gum that at the end of about a year, they were tough to chew.  
Seems like for a while the only diet drinks were Fresca and Tab.  Did you 
ever use TesTape or those little pills you would use a dropper to put one 
drop of urine on so that you could test for ketones?  Also did you ever burn 
your finger from touching the outside of the test tube after the chemical 

My family went to Canada about two years ago and they still have cyclamates 
in the sugar substitute packets on the table.  Saw Roselea and her husband in 
Windsor on that trip and I remember she and I talking about this very 

I am so glad that we do not live in those dark ages anymore.  During that 
phase of my life I felt I used most of my energy in the bathroom with the 
whole double voiding routine four times a day.  When ChemStrips BG first came 
out I would cut them into thirds to make my college days money last.  I felt 
awful doing it but I now know that in comparison to many other people my age, 
my control had to have been so much better than those who either did not know 
anything about the strips and/or who totally couldn't afford them.

Take care,
Cee Dee
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