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Re: [IP] Anyone has a GlucoWatch?

The GlucoWatch is a trending device, to see the "big
picture" of what your bgs are doing (trending up,
trending down, or going all over the place). The
patient information paper says (paraphrasing) not to
rely solely on the GlucoWatch readings for treatment
changes and that it is meant to be used in conjunction
with the bg meter, not to replace the meter. The way it
works (and I'm simplifying here) is that it takes a
number of readings over a period of a few minutes, then
averages those readings, so they won't always match.
Again, the trends are what are important, not the
actual numbers (at least that is what our endo has
always said).
Btw, the CGMS does the same thing, but via different

Arsen said:
The readings it gives for me are way out of line with
the numbers I get using GlucoMeter Elite BG meter... I
am thinking of returning it back to Cygnus, Inc. within
30 days if it continues *not* to work for me.
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