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Re:[IP] Jealous Pumper here!

Paula Willis <email @ redacted> wrote:
Subject: [IP] Jealous Pumper here!

<snip> I am trying to lose weight and NOTHING seems to be working....the less 
I eat, the more insulin I seem to need. It makes no sense to me. Originally 
when I started on the pump, I lost 8lb in a month...I have gained that and 
more since. I don't normally eat junk food....I am a big chicken and veggie 
fan....but I can't seem to drop a pound or 20. I am at a loss right now. 
Anybody have any helpful hints....Right now...my basals add up to about 37 
units and on top of that I usually average about 40-50 more. All advice is 
welcomed!  <snip> 


I have been on the weight roller coaster all my adult life - pre-dx, since dx 
as type 2 and as type 1, ten years later, and since pump.  I have been on a 
thyroid 'assistance' medication for about a year and my doctor increased the 
dosage by half when I started the Optifast diet.  I have lost 35# since March 
on the program (but I seem to be on a plateau now).  I'm not writing to 
promote the program, but to encourage you to talk with your doctor and see if 
there's a strict diet program available in your area.  Also, have your 
thyriod levels been checked lately?  Mine were running on the high side, so 
my endo prescribed low dose thyroid medication to ease the burden on my 

Pre-diet program, My total daily dose (on pump) was running 70 - 95 units.  
On the diet, I'm running 45 - 60 units/day.  Both my basals & carb ratios 
have dropped.

What's been really fun has been tweaking my basals to accommodate periods and 
exercise (I was not doing much pre-diet).  And just when you think you've got 
them right, they change again!

Which all goes to say YMMV.  You need to talk to your caregivers, get up and 
exercise more and keep careful records.  Eventually, you will be able to shed 
some of what you don't want hanging around!

Good Luck!

Katherine Nelson & MyHope (the pump)
dx T2 '86, T1 '96, MM 508 since 5/15/01
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