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[IP] cnn quote

steve thought the following quote was odd:

> Argued attorney Warren Dennis: "This case stretches the legal concept
> of foreseeability. I don't have an obligation to see if a person I pass on 
> the street is a diabetic. There is no duty to take care of others.
"<A HREF="http://www.cnn.com/2002/LAW/08/08/dui.third.party/index.html">http://www.cnn.com/2002/LAW/08/08/dui.third.party/index.html</A>

I agree, but have more to say on it....

The full article has to do with how much liability someone has if someone 
ELSE causes a problem. (think bars being sued for serving a drunk guy who 
goes out and kills 4 people in his car on the way home)  If I pass a bum 
passed out in a corner, is it my responsibility to wonder if he might be 
sick....actually I am merely ASSUMING he is a bum....no normal, healthy 
person in their right mind would pass out in the street, right?  But then I 
think...hell, sometimes I don't dress like a normal, healthy person...and you 
all know I am rarely in my right mind.  In fact, I used to look down right 
bummish when I walked home from my gym in a not so nice part of 
Manhattan...What if I had a low blood sugar that resulted in the heretofore 
never experienced action of passing out in a corner...would anyone stop to 
see if I was ok?? A cop once told me that becuase of the way I was DRESSED (i 
had on a dress at the time and looked respectable), sure they would check for 
a medic alert before they threw me in some where to sober up..HA...

 Is is society's PLACE to nose into other people's business??  I have 
actually tapped a "bums" on the shoulder just to MAKE sure...just to relieve 
my conscience, so when the news came on, I wouldn't hear about some diabetic 
who passed out and died on the corner I just walked by...when they roll over 
off their botthe and snap at me to mind my own beeswax, then at least I felt 
a little relieved of my RESPONSIBILITY

Classic example just now on CSI...the driver of the bus that crashed was 
looking "fishy" - acting weird...looked drunk in fact, and the investigator 
whips out the breathalizer, but before they can test him, the driver passes 
out...he eventually dies, but from internal injuries they say - what an 
assumption!!!  But does society have any LESS obligation to wonder if the 
person passed out on the is in a diabetic hypo or alcoholic stupor - did they 
even BOTHER to test his blood sugar or did they ASSUME he was just a drunk 
who caused the accident??

Third party responsibility is this country's answer for everything..YOur 
children are failing out of school so it is the teacher's fault, your commute 
is 45 minutes so it is the highway department's fault, your dog gets run over 
adn it is the fence manufacturer's fault....baloney.....if anyone should be 
"charged" in this ridiculous law suit filed by a grieving father, it should 
be the cops who locked him up in the first place adn then didn't KEEP him 
there til he sobered up!! Did they INSTRUCT the third party person NOT to 
take him to his car?  Heck even old Andy Griffith let the drunk sleep it off 
in the cell!!!

Now, if the guy who lived, who is being charged with this third party 
liability had diabetes, and crashed on his way to dropping off the drunk at 
his car, and had a blood sugar of 45 at the time of hte crash, then YES he is 
liable, as far as i am concerned.  If you can't accept the responsibility of 
diabetes and getting behind the wheel of a car, then perhaps you shouldn't 
have the priviledge?

WOuldn't it be a great world if we all CARED about each other and didn't 
assume the worst right off?   ROTFLMAO - I can see that happening, oh, 

ohhh am I on a soap box or what...

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