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Re: [IP] remember?

It's hard to believe today but when I was a very young diabetic,  maybe 17,
I would get my bg done at a local hospital about every 2 weeks.  The blood
was always drawn from the antecubital space.  I found out the results in a
day or two.  My doctor at the time would have me call him every morning when
I got up and let him know the results of my urine testing.  I remember it
being 4+ more often than not.  In 1949, my young MD brother gave me a Dr
Busher's syringe injector device made by BD.  I used it every day until the
disposable syringes came out; it still works. Unfortunately, the needles got
dull often and I would bring them over to the hospital lab to be sharpened.
Often times my mom gave me shots in my arm and if I was unlucky my physician
dad would give it to me.  But invariably it would be an im in my shoulder
instead of sc in the same place.  That hurt!!  Things are much better today.
Pat Flynn
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