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[IP] remember?

For all of you "old-timers"!  Remember when we only paid 99 cents for a 
bottle of U-40 and 1.99 for U-80?  I remeber those glass syringes and 
stainless needles!  Oh, they were dull!  I only got to use disposables when 
we went on vacation--I LOVED vacations!!!
Didn't we use Acetest to check our acteones in our urine?  I think we call it 
ketones now.
We also counted calories, not carbs.  I remember as a child literally licking 
the crumbs off my plate to get that last morsel of food!  How my mom must 
have hurt for me, watching me do such a thing.

I am so glad the people diagnosed in todays time have it so much better and 
easier than we did!

dx  3/63  age 8
Pumping since  3/2000
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