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Re: [IP] Re: exam exams

> Respect the doctor, regardless of the initials behind the name.
> They will take great care of you.
> Andy Winters, ABOM, COA, COMT-OTS
> ----------------------------------------------------------
Really. I am fortunate to be in the care of an excellent ophthal now. He has
in essence saved my vision. But the previous one, although he detected
problems, hestitated to treat it. I firmly believe that was a big mistake
that almost cost me my vision. I am thankful I ended up in good hands in
time to address it.

You can see a 1,000 doctors and of that group, there will be a "best" and a
"worst" and many in between. And although you, the patient, may have no
qualifications to diagnose etc., ultimately you have to decide whether or
not you are being adequately serviced. You are a customer. And we are not
talking widgets here--it's your vision and your life. DON'T just blindly
(LOL) accept your treatment.

Yes, I'm a little agitated, because I've seen the good, the bad, and the
ugly, and it caused me much angst. I  am a much wiser customer now. If I
smell a rat, I'm outta there.

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