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[IP] Re: jealous pumper here

While I don't take as much insulin as you, I do have a insulin/carb ratio
that changes from 1:10 to 1:5 (today's lunch).  It's also not very easy
for me to lose weight.  I can walk 4 miles a day (up and down some
hills), watch my food intake very carefully, and lose nothing.  About 8
years ago, I was successful at losing weight, but I walked nearly two
hours a day (around 8 miles), ate about 1100 calories a day, and still
only lost about one pound a week--two in a good week (I'm nearly 5'8" and
medium-boned).  My daughter Rachel was 3 at the time, and she got very
used to being pushed in the stroller while I walked.  It took me a year
to lose 25 pounds.

I don't have the discipline nor the time to follow that regimen. 
However, I have extra bulges I'd like to lose (about 30 pounds' worth). 
Sometimes it seems like a lost cause.  So, I guess "I hear you," but I'm
afraid I don't have any good suggestions--sorry!

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