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[IP] Re: Emla & insurance

I wrote:
> > Does anyone know of a substitute for the E.C. that works as well - and
> > name of it - and cheaper? I HAVE to use it so please do not suggest
> > *buckling up* and grin and bear it. :-(((
> >
> I just use an ice pack and leave it on the spot for about 5 minutes and i
> dont feel anything at all.
>        ~Erin
>          Pumping since 7-18-02 with my blue paradigm "Lancelot"

But, Erin, are you getting HUGE dialysis needles stuck into your Gortex Loop
into your forearm? I'm sure the ice would also restrict the blood flow. Part
of my original post that was snipped included  > However, if we are not
insured locally with the old company and I have to get it (for those huge
dialysis needles) it will cost me about $98.00 full price!!!!! > Besides,
the Emla Cream wears off about 4 hours after I use it and I remain miserable
the following two hours of the *procedure.*

Thanks for the effort. (~_^)

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