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[IP] DM in the 50's

As Jan replied in a prior post, the urine tests were very chancy in regard to 
accuracy and the insulin accuracy with beef/pork of whatever version (NPH, 
regular, Lente [3 flavors]) was fun.

My memories include eating food brought from home in restaurants up until my 
Senior Year of HS (1970) because you never knew what the cooks were adding to 
the dishes when you ate out.  We realized I needed to be able to guess 
exchanges better when I went to college so we started doing more eating of 
outsider food so I could judge.  One of the requirements at college was that 
I could talk or work with the kitchen staff on what they were adding to the 
food - I got a private copy of the menu and if anything seemed to bounce my 
'urine sugar' high, I'd record it and find out what 'additives' were added 
and if I could expect it in the future.  Some of the cooks even put a red dot 
on the menu in the cafeteria line if they mucked with the recipe that day so 
that I and the other seven diabetics would know or choose an alternative.

Without the blood sugar monitors, and with the hassle at times of the 
'clintest' tablets or strips, some times I'd be carrying a pill bottle of 
urine in my pocket for testing later -- embarrassment would occur when the 
top popped off.  

The other item was carrying sugar for a reaction -- for me the sugar packets 
from fast food places wouldn't stand up in my pants pockets so I took to 
wrapping two sugar cubes in aluminum foil as my 'shock stash.'  Many was the 
time that after doing laundry I was removing wads of aluminum foil from my 
pants pockets.

The other bad time was the banning of cyclamates because of the health 
concerns - I was then as I am now an avid soda (pop) drinker and there was a 
six month period where we actually stockpiled soda in the basement while the 
soda distributors adjusted their stock (I'm probably one of the few that 
participated in black market diet soda) - Bob Nnn
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