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[IP] Insurance & Emla Cream

We are in limbo as far as insurance is concerned - this month. We are on
COBRA and we got a call from hugsband's former employer 7/31 that the ins.
carrier is changing. She said it would be effective 9/1/02. Tuesday, she
said it changed 8/1/02. I had *pre-ordered* some Rx's on 7/30/02 for the
8/4/02 delivery that was allowed. I tried to cancel and Merck-Medco said I
couldn't cancel and as far as they were concerned they had no notice we were
not in their system so it was still valid.

We will be with M-M for mailorder pharmacy, but they also cannot transfer
any of the 12 Rx's they presently have to the new company.

This all brings me to say, I have an Rx for a 3-mo. supply of Emla Cream and
don't know where to send it - the new company or the old, therefore, am
holding it until I have more facts! The tube of E.C. that I have was
procured at a local pharmacy (for 30 days) for *only* $45 copay. The new
insurance will be $30 for 30 days, $60 for 90 days. However, if we are not
insured locally with the old company and I have to get it (for those huge
dialysis needles) it will cost me about $98.00 full price!!!!! If I get one
tube locally and it is *accepted* through the old insurance's computer, does
anyone know if they can come back to us and charge the difference? As far as
I know, the employer has not sent our August COBRA check to the old plan.

Does anyone know of a substitute for the E.C. that works as well - and the
name of it - and cheaper? I HAVE to use it so please do not suggest
*buckling up* and grin and bear it. :-(((

Hugsy also has an $1800.00 dental estimate in to the old company which has
not come through yet and we don't know if we'll even have dental through the
new plan. :-(

Hugsy still hasn't worked since 4/17/02. None of this makes life any easier.
YMMV (~_^)

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