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[IP] sugars not coming back down

i'm not on the pump yet, but since folk here are diabetics, maybe they'd
have ideas.

the past few days i haven't been able to bring my numbers down to normal.
they're not horribly high, but range from 9 to 14 or so (ok, and if we
multiply by 18 we get the american numbers?  162 to 252, right?)

i'm not sure what's going on, especially since logically the numbers should
have gone down more since the morning number (morning13.5, lunch 11.8).  i'm
going to increase the insulin this evening, and see if that helps much, but
i'm wondering if sometimes the insulin can just go off.  any input?
while i'm not yet panicking - who knows, they may be up because i'm heading
into final exams, and that seems to happen - i don't like it.

better be salad for lunch. :)
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