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Re: [IP] gushers

> Are you saying, Michael, that this
> pool of blood at the infusion set site does NOT interfere with
> insulin delivery?

Sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn't. I would expect it to, but 
I read enough reports from people on the list where it has not, to 
just say I dunno :-)

>  That's my chief concern about going back on the
> pump.  When I have pulled the cannula out and a "gusher" has
> appeared, there has also been a lot of blood in the cannula and
> tubing and I've always had high BGs these times.

My guess is that you should try another kind and/or length of set to 
try and avoid damage to the capillary bed. There must be a solution 
for you. Try them all until you find one that works.


>  I have assumed
> that was stopping the flow of insulin and causing lots of (very
> frustrating) highs.  Am I wrong and worrying unnecessarily? Help!
> Annie
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