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Re: [IP] Jealous Pumper here!

--- Paula Willis <email @ redacted> wrote:
> I just thought I would send out a little post and
> say that I am truely jealous of alot of you. I have
> been reading many posts where folks are saying their
> insulin to carb ratio is 1:15 or higher....I am 1:6
> .......
Have you tried Novolog? I went from 30-32units/day of
Humalog to 21-24unitsday on Humalog. I was really
surprised at the change. Unless, of course, I'm in one
of my menopausal states when 38 units won't keep me
below 200bs. Insulin resistance is a hard puzzle to
figure out. lol peg dx1987pumping1/2000.

I totally agree.  Taking so much insulin is frustrating.  I just starting 
pumping about 3 weeks ago.  Before pumping I was taking 100 units of NPH a 
day, plus about 20 units of Humalog (on a good day).  When I started pumping 
my doc started me on Novolog at the same time.  My insulin/carb ratio is 
1/15, but my basals are my killer. From 12am-7am= 2.0 units an hour; 7am-9am= 
1.6 units an hour; 9am-midnight= 1.7 units an hour for a total of 42.7 units 
a day of basal, then about 15-25 of food/high bg insulin.  I am happy though, 
since this is significantly less than the 130 I was taking on shots.  I have 
lost 9 pounds so far, and I hope to keep losing.  The only meat I eat is 
chicken (maybe once a week) and I don't eat many dairy products at all, and 
since I found out that I have already lost 9 pounds I have cut back on my 
carb intake as well, so hopefully I will lose more.  I start back up at 
college on the 19th and during the day at school I walk about 1.5 miles.  So 
I would just say, if you are not already using Novolog try switching to 
that,and maybe cut down on carbs.  Sorry this was soooo long...
         Pumping since 7-18-02 with my blue paradigm "Lancelot"
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