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[IP] Huge thank you

Dear IP Members,
I am in your debt. Some of you helped me for my breastfeeding topic, some of
you responded to my type 1/type 2 meeting invitation, and now some are
helping me with some humorous bits. I appreciate your indulgence to these
requests for help - there are bound to be more!

>From everyone, specialized topic or not, I have learned much that has helped
me personally. Be assured that as a writer I never "poach," although I may
"lurk," and always ask permission to quote.

Thank you a trillion times, and you're enriching the value of Diabetes
Interview magazine too, so you are doing a good deed for all of us. I also
try to insert a plug for the IP site, whenever I can - wholeheartedly.

It was definitely overdue for me to thank everyone on the site, including
Michael and his merry band of helpers, so here it is!

Tina B. Farrell
Writing, Editing, Design
email @ redacted
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