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[IP] different routines for home and work

Hi Leann,
I was just writing to someone else about this.
My routine, my basals, and my bolus needs in the morning are totally different on days when I go
to work.  I simply need more insulin in the morning when I go to work.
First, my basal from 6 AM to 9 AM is .8 on workdays and .7 on days when I'm staying home.
Second, my routine is different:
During the week I'm bolusing 1.5 units when I wake for coffee and
the 'morning stress', and then 4.5 BEFORE MY SHOWER for the english
muffin and yogurt.  6.0 during the first 45 minutes I'm up.  I don't eat until almost an hour
after my breakfast bolus.  This routine keeps me 'level' between when I wake and when I eat.  My
PP (2 hours after eating) is usually around 200.  I usually am in normal range by lunch.
On the weekend, my routine is completely different - I get up an hour
later than during the week, bolus the same 1.5 for coffee, sit and drink my first cup, refill,
bolus for breakfast only 30 mins. before I'm going to eat, and then eat as soon as I hit the one
hour since my thyroid pill.  I take my shower after breakfast.  On those
days, I bolus 1 unit less, don't always check PP, and often go low before lunch.  

It took a lot of trial and error to figure out how to keep from skyrocketing when I first wake up
on workdays.  The routine described above worked for me.

Hope it gives you some ideas.  Your experience may be different.


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