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Re: Re: [IP] Maryland hypo diabetic charged with vehicular mansplaughter

Jim Handsfield wrote:
"Each person is unique.  What sends blood glucose skyrocketing in one makes
the next one crash.  This is probably the most extreme example of YMMV."

Ah Jim, so true.  Think the message being sent with this whole situation is
that if you have any medical condition, you are responsible for knowing
whether or not you are safe to drive.  If you are not safe, have an
accident, then there can be legal consequences.  This could be construed as
an "extra" burden by some people such as: someone who has a known stable,
cardiac condition, but just doesn't "feel right" (personal experience
here-several years ago lost a friend to a person who had a heart attack
behind the wheel; he had c/o not feeling well, but ignored family suggestion
to call MD or to be driven to the ER, instead went to work, had attack on
the way, crossed over to other side of the road, and hit friend head on @
70MPH 'cause foot was pushing down on gas pedal as attack occurred-he
survived, but a few days later had a fatal heart attack in the CCU, local
police had planned on charging him with vehicular manslaughter); someone (as
described later in the article) with a seizure disorder who does not take
his medication several days in a row; someone who has diabetes, and chooses
not to learn of any patterns to glucose levels, or to check to make sure of
a safe glucose level just before getting behind that wheel alone....But, and
a big one, how would any of us feel if someone we love dearly were killed
because of any one of the above having a medical crisis?  If a person can
show that they've done everything possible to assure safety behind the
wheel, then that's another matter.  Here, we are so glad that there is such
a thing as an insulin pump 'cause it has helped to keep those terrible
out-of-the-blue horrible hypos in the cage meaning no more rechecking
glucose every 15 or so min if driving alone.  Either way, the whole Maryland
situation is so sad for all the families involved.

Marj; Mike (I'm not into computers, but glad to be on this list); and "Ace,
the PP" (portable pancreas)
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