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[IP] BG'S at School-success!

>>>Well!--It only took three calls-one to the school, one to the county
health dept. and the third from the head of the school district's nurses. 

Congrats on your good luck.

I went to elementary school in small town, IA.  I was the ONLY diabetic
child, except one other in the neighboring small town, in a different school

The kindergarten teacher didn't want to let me start at the regular time
because my 'illness may cause her (me) to lag behind the others
significantly.'  Luckily my rather big and strong step-father went back in
the next day to try to convince the teacher that I was quite capable of
started school at that time.  The kindergarten tester-person said, why don't
we give her the test and go from there...I did wonderfully and the sulky
teacher had to let me start school.

By 1st grade we had to go to a PTA conference and I had to do a
demonstration in front of my class also to show them all why I got to go and
eat special snacks in the a.m. and no one else did.  The town thought I was
getting 'special treatment' and it wasn't fair that sometimes I had to leave
class to eat Nilla Wafers and drink milk.  I heard from other kids all
growing up...I bet you can't do --------  because you're diabetic...

Luckily aside from the kindergarten teacher, the school faculty and staff
from elementary through high school were all very tolerant of my case and
never questioned my eating, bg checking, insulin shot taking, etc.

So sorry to hear that there is still so much ignorance out there for those
of you struggling with schools.  As sad as it is, the most effective thing
to do for the most asinine of them is to describe a day in the life of a
diabetic, describe why each part of treatment is necessary, have graphics
and statistics of what happens to those who leave it untreated.  Then kindly
give them the legal info which should help convince even the most ignorant.

Good luck to those struggling w/schools!!!!

Tavia Rodriguez
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