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Re: [IP] I'm questioning my last A1c

I get a "Mean bG" value with each of my A1c reports.  The ratio of the Mean
bG to the A1c is not a constant, so I assume they are doing a recalibration
of their A1c processing to help eliminate the variability of their A1c
testing and/or processing.

The below contains more info I found on this subject.  The chart must be
just one example, as my reports contain different correction factors each
time I get an A1c test.

Does anyone have any more info on Mean bG and A1c accuracy?


 The below all came from:

      HbA1c and Blood Glucose Levels

     Mean Blood Glucose

     120 mg/dl

     150 mg/dl

     180 mg/dl

     210 mg/dl

     240 mg/dl

     270 mg/dl

This table shows the correlation between blood glucose levels as measured
daily and the longer-term measure of blood glucose status, the HbA1c. It is
important to note, however, that this data was derived from the Diabetes
Control and Complications Trial, a long-term study of intensive therapy in
patients with type 1 diabetes. The patients in this study measured their
blood glucose levels 7 times a day - and we know that hardly any people with
diabetes monitor that often! Your 'mean blood glucose' level is probably
derived by your glucose meter from the measurements you took over the
previous 14 days. If you only measure when you know your levels are high -
or low - or only before meals, etc., then your mean blood glucose levels
will be skewed. For these reasons, it is important that you obtain an HbA1c
blood test regularly and be aware of that number, too. It is an important
indicator of long-term blood glucose levels.
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