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Re: [IP] Bubbles


I have some trouble with bubbles but like Jan Hughey, I also keep my current 
bottle of insulin out of the refrigerator.  Also, I load the 3.0 ml reservoir 
completely with air, poke it into the bottle but only put approximately 1/3 
of the air, draw out approximately 1.0 ml, put another 1/3 of air, draw it 
out to 2.0 ml, then put the last amount of air in, and complete the drawing 
of the insulin into the reservoir.  

Since I started to do this, the air bubbles aren't as "testy".  I found that 
if I try to displace the full 3.0 ml (air in first, insulin out second) of 
space, the insulin flowed too quickly and it caused so many bubbles.  It 
isn't full proof, since I still have to do the tapping thing, but it sure 
makes it much easier.

diagnosed 12/67, pumping since 1/84, two healthy boys born 4/90 and 1/93.
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