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[IP] possible donor

People with Rh positive blood can accept Rhnegative if it is the same type. 
Rh positive means you have that factor, negative, you don't. There is a lot 
more to tissue donation matching however. They need to do what is called HLA 
matching. There are 6 HLA antigens that can be tested for and matched. The 
best match is all 6, which is know as a perfect match. If she is serious 
about being a donor you and she need to have blood work to see if you are 
compatable and to test for HLA matches, then she needs to have an extensive 
workup to test her renal function, etc. Good luck finding a living donor. Are 
any family members willing to be tested?

Anne Geller RN, CDE, who used to work in Renal Transplant Research
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