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Re: [IP] Carrying supplies at school

> when he'll get some as presents.     Attempting to buy school supplies
> for the four kids will eat into grocery money as it is.
> Sometimes I think we need to live in a place where healthcare is FREE
> and we wouldn't have all this medical debt/or other debt caused by paying
> for medical needs.     I have friends in Canada who are shocked when we
> talk medical costs.

unfortunately, a lot of medical things up here are far from free, but
thankfully my doctor appointments, lab tests, surgery are still covered by
provincial health care.

thanks for reminding me about the cost of school supplies.  :)  i don't have
to buy a whole lot of special stuff for uni (well, besides over $800 in
textbooks), but i know that from what i've heard from parents they now have
horrible long lists of specific school supplies to buy.  now that all the
back to school specials are kicking in, might be the time for those of us
who have the cash to buy some pencils, pens, duotangs, and other stuff and
donate them to the local community centre or food bank.

i'm being awfully chatty these days.  :)  call it procrastination, i've got
exams this weekend!
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