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[IP] Re:back to school issues

  I feel for the parents that are having difficulty at school. My son who is 
now 13 and pumping for 4 years has always tested in class. (except at lunch 
in the elementary level he tested in the nurses office since the cafeteria 
was right next door) Now at middle school he carries a fanny pack with his 
testing items. In that pack is the bs monitor, lancet, strips, and juice 
boxes. His used strips get put in the fanny pack to avoid any hassles. Any 
lancets other than the one he is using are kept in the nurses office. He uses 
one lancet all day, sometimes for many days but we won't go there. In the 
evening I clean out his back so NO old strips could be left behind on a 
school desk. (Blood hysteria) My son always carries this pack with him so 
this is not new to him. A GREAT PACK is the NINTENDO gameboy fannie pack, it 
lasts forever. Check out your local video game store most kids think he just 
loves to play hand held video games. Thanks to this list and some specific 
individuals I kept fighting with the school and the school board. At one time 
they were going to institute a policy stating that my son would have to test 
on the perimeter of the classroom, etc., to make a long story short I kept 
fighting!!! My ADA rep came as well as a letter from a renowned infectious 
disease specialist stating that their were no risks associated with testing 
of blood sugar in a public forum. Now the school has put aside this issue 
however I feel that if something happened at school it would be back. That is 
why I always clean his pack and occasionally remind him that his actions and 
ability to be responsible may affect what happens to other D kids in the 
district. He has been a trailblazer in our school district for diabetic kids, 
especially pumpers, and I am proud of him.  
Mother of a pumper who son only went the nurses office 3 times last year and 
one of those was for a Band-Aid YEH!
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