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[IP] Re: alternative for needles

I used an air injector a number of years ago.  Didn't know they were still on 
the market!  I had major problems using it.  I didn't, at that time!, have 
enough fatty tissue to inject into and my sites would bubble up and make 
huge, I mean huge, bruises.  So, I wasted my money and learned a lesson at 
the same time.  I went back to syringes until nearly 3 years ago.  Yes, at 
times the pump gets in the way but that's life!  Sure beats the heck out of 
pulling out a syringe, a vial of insulin and either injecting through the 
pants or finding the restroom!  Hopefully the technology is better on the new 
air injector than the old.

dx 3/63
pump 3.2000
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