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[IP] Peevish Laura Etc.

Greetings-  Me too!  My endo once casually remarked that the diabetes - 
which aggravates EVERYTHING it seems (gums, shoulders, arms, feet, stomachs, 
hips and counting <gr>) -"You know diabetes can be harder to control the 
longer you have it."  Well, duh, I didn't know.  My peeve is for those who 
either don't have it, or can control it, explaining what I should do to 
achieve control, as if after 38 years, I am still clueless.  I too feel 
almost obsessive about diet and exercise and have had many years of problems 
and complications.

On days when my blood glucose stays between 90 and 135, I call the endo to 
find out what's wrong <gr>.

I agree optimal control is most desirable but we're all very different - 
just witness those different basal rates - and we need to support each 
other.  Non Type I's may not understand but people on this list should and 
those who do condemn others for this diet or that regimin might be rudely 
awakened in the future.  My feeling is we can use this support group to 
exchange ideas and love.
Dianne in Arkansas

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