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Re: Carrying test supplies was Re: [IP] where to test in school?

In this case I feel I am a pro I have had only 2 schools that would SEE it 
my way and let Ricky do his testing in class and let him carry his things 
when needed. Other than that we have seen him miss in a days period anywhere 
from 2-4 hrs of school time (ok now figure in 1 hr for lunch and 30 for 
playground hmmmmmmm my calculations he is missing half a day every day for 
testing NOT THIS YEAR).Last year we had soooooooooooo many probs I mean from 
the fact of one day the nurse didnt even know my son was at school (because 
he had just gotten out of hosp she thought I wouldnt of sent him) to the 
teacher having a huge sheet on her desk with his times to get checked 
suddenly disappering (go figure this also happend right after his hosp 
visit) He is now pumping and he WILL get his just time.A lawyer friend of 
mine told me that if it is in his 504 they HAVE TO abid with it if not I DO 
have a case and can take their federal monies away (which alot of parents of 
kids w/504's dont know) if I raise enough of a stink but u know what all I 
want is equal learing for my diabetic (I mean if they can have a (no 
disrespect meant to anyone) quadraplegic (sp) given extra time for things 
then by hook or crook my son will have his time (they wont like me this year 
I dont think lol)) Anyway put it in his 504 if they dont want to do it call 
JDF and ask for an advocate (they are free to us) and they will stand up for 
you/your child and the school will change its color when you get them 
involved. (sorry so long yall :) )
Love to hear from you so write soon
Debi  email @ redacted

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