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Re: [IP] Fwd: Alternative for Needles

> > Did anyone see this post?  I would forward it but have already deleted it.
> > It starts out "I found something Great!! It is called the advantajet!  Then
> > it goes on to say it gives insulin through air pressure - less intimidating
> > then injections . . . don't have to wear square thing around all day (don't
> > know what that means) - her younger sister in on the pump and she is about
> > to change from pump and go to advantajet.  Her e-mail is
> > email @ redacted  Is this another hoax?  Opinions????

I was interested in this sort of thing when I was first diagnosed ten
years ago. I spoke with my endo at length about it and he advised me
against it.

In his experience, they are QUITE painful. It takes a few tries to get the
'shot' depth right and then you'd have to adjust that depth for every part
of the body you want to 'inject' into.

The patients he worked with that used this sort of device fell into the
habbit of just injecting in one spot all the time because of the pain;
that lead to nasty scar tissue.

You'll also find that most insurance companies will not cover this sort of

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