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[IP] Left over residue from set tape

I use IV prep and then skin prep (to clean the skin and to have a protective
barrier since I have a lot of skin irritations to the different "glues" on the
infusion sets).  When I'm ready to take the set off, I use Uni-solve to loosen
the set off my skin and then I use Resolve to take of the gluey residue.  All
four products are made by Smith + Nephew.  Their customer care center number
is 1800-876-1261.  Hope this helps.
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<H1>[IP] Left over residue from set tape</H1>
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Help!  My daughter Brittany, age 15 started
pumping a month ago and can't 
seem to remove the set tape residue from her
"very white" skin!  We've tried 
everything, nail polish remover, IV prep
solution, loofa scrubs, night cream, 
etc... and she still has a dark film on
her skin where the set was.  And it 
stays for a long time...  Any
suggestions, please email us directly.  Thanks 
so much for your support!
to Britt dx 01/01
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