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[IP] Pumping Pet Peeve

Not trying to make anyone here upset, as I do love and appreciate this forum.
However, been reading here and elsewhere about people who are just panic
stricken because their A11 isn't a low enough number, or they had a 200
reading etc. I realize we are all different however, if you read some of the
posts you see that there are those of us who are not having it all that easy
even with being on a pump.
First of all, some folks have poor medical care etc. My first pump
trainer/educator left me alone for three weeks, so I know what it's like to be
without help. Second, some of us have medical problems which further
complicate control.  Again, I use my own experience with recently diagnosed
thyroid disease, which literally screwed everything up.

And finally, Minimed has a graph on their web site which shows the dangers of
going too low.  Someone posted about not driving with low BG, and that is
something we all need to be aware of.  If you are trying to live life at rock
bottom, and are in danger of having a severe episode of low BG, you probably
need to give yourself and others a break and not panic over a higher test

In other words, my golly some of us would be thrilled to have an A1c in the
sixes, or a day without a 300.  We can certainly rejoice with people who are
doing really well, but how can we offer support to those who are not?
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